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Whaleflo New Solar Pump with MPPT controller Nov 11,2021

Whaleflo New Dc solar water pump advantages
1. Permanent magnet Brushless DC synchronous motor; Efficiency increase by 15%-20%; Energy saving; Reduce the use of solar panels
2. Copper or stainless steel outlet/connection/cylinder
3. Alloy mechanical seal, long service life, reliable work
4. Motor coil using automatic winding machine centralized line group, improve the efficiency of the wire machine
5. The pump parts are processed with high precision and automatic machine, and the dimension accuracy and smoothness are strictly controlled
6. Intelligent water shortage protection and full water protection
Whaleflo Dc controller:
(1) Waterproof grade: IP65
(2) Ambient temperature: -15ºC -60 ºC
(3) MMPT(Maximum power point tracking) function, the highest solar energy utilization
(4) Automatic charging function: ensure the normal operation of the solar pump while charging the battery; The battery can keep the solar pump working in the absence of sunlight
(5) Digital display of power, voltage, current, speed, and other working conditions and error code
(6) Frequency conversion function: it can automatically operate according to the sunlight power, and also can manually adjust the speed according to the actual demand
(7) Automatic startup and shutdown
(8) Good water sealing, double sealing effect
(9) Soft start: no impulse current, protect the pump motor
(10) High pressure/low pressure/overcurrent/high temperature protection

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